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Proper Towing Techniques Prevent Damage to Your Car

loading car on flatbed tow truck

When you’re stuck, waiting for the tow truck to arrive, the last thing on your mind is, “gee, I hope the tow doesn’t damage my car”.

The thought of further damage should be on your mind. Improper towing techniques can cause damage to your vehicle and make a manageable problem worse. The risk is especially true for front-wheel drive cars and cars with low clearance.

When I arrive on the scene I start by looking for the best approach for loading your vehicle so it sits squarely on the flatbed. Getting the vehicle squarely on the bed is important for proper tie-down and unloading.

Low clearance cars can be damaged when they are winched onto the bed, due to the steep angle of the rollback. I always use wood ramps to lessen the angle. This allows the car to roll onto the bed without scraping the undercarriage of the car.

Ramp for loading on flatbed tow truck

I also use a special “bumper block” between the tow hook and bumper to reinforce the bumper to ensure no damage is done to these fragile parts.

loading car on flatbed tow truck

Once the car is on the flatbed, I use tire straps on all four wheels. This ensures that the car will not roll forward into the cab or backward off the bed.

tie down for flatbed tow truck

So the next time you need a tow, you might want to give some thought about the damage a sloppy tow can inflict and know that MotoFab has your back -- I’ll get it done right!

close up for tie down for flatbed tow truck

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